I must confess, that lately I have no desire to visit any museums during our travel. But during our stay in Langkawi, Malaysia I was tempted to visit the 3D Art Museum in the Oriental village. One reason of this was being with a kid, we hate hopping large distances to cover sight seeing places. But Oriental Village is a one stop point for many attractions that included the Langkawi cable car and the museum. So, it was easy to experience and less tiring to spend time. Besides, I knew it would be fun and not a boring visit for I had seen few photos of my friends who have been to such museums in other places.

About – Langkawi 3D Art Museum

Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum, is hailed as the largest 3D Art museum in Malaysia and second largest in the world. It features more than 200 impressive artworks, all of which are hand-painted by 23 leading Korean artists in collaboration with talented local artists, that appear almost lifelike when photographed.

How to enjoy

It has a simple rule. You have to forget that you are an adult and jump from one art work to another with a child like curiosity and let your creativity flow as you interact, photograph, and blend with the artworks. The Photographer should mind a proper distance and take photos from the designated spot for photographs. You can take hints from the suggestion board that have some real pictures of tourists posing there or may try something from your own mind. With kids especially toddlers, you can’t really force them to pose as per your instructions but still you can try making them stand at that position while the other partner should be quick to click.

Here are some pictures we took along with our toddler. As you can see, we just enjoyed our time over here and our photos make us smile every time we take a look at it. Wonderful place to enjoy with family and friends. Here are my top 11 reasons how 3D art pamper the kid in you.

1. You can discover the hidden creativity in yourself. (The art of giving expressions)

Look what I found in the ocean!


2. You would love and appreciate the skills of the 3D-artists.

3. Experience some adrenaline rushing adventures without actually doing anything.

See even a 3 yr old knows Surfing

4. You can live moments as if in a fantasy world:

5. You get to play Super hero and your Kid will love you even more for that.

6. You get to experience places you wouldn’t have traveled easily!


7. You get to make friends with WildLife

errr.. quite privately..

8. You can be a part of weird Scientific experiments

9. You get to role-play your dreams:

10. You can time-travel to past:

11. You realize the hidden message of life is to be happy no matter what!


Website: http://www.panoramalangkawi.com/3d-art-museum/
Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 18:00
Address: Oriental Village, Burau Bay, Langkawi
Tel: +60134911124
Price Range: The entrance fee for foreign visitors is RM38 for adults and RM28 for children, while locals (with MyKad identifications) are required to pay RM30 and RM20 respectively

* * *

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  1. Hey, I loved it. The pictures make it look super fun.
    And very rightly you mentioned, one has to forget being an adult and hop around to enjoy it all.

  2. These are simply great pictures. Very nice theme. I checked if there is any place like this in National Capital Region. but didn't find any. Loved these pictures above.