Remember my post about #Fame Lakme Fashion School of Style and how its amazing videos are there to help style crazy people like me. Well, you can read it all here later, if you haven’t read it already, for in this post I have interesting informations to share about the #Fame app. Yes, now showcasing your talent to the world, coming into the limelight and achieving the desired fame is all possible through an app – #Fame. Already the app is boasting about the 1 million downloads completed in just three months after being launched and why not for it is a great platform for talented individuals in almost any field where they can do what they love most – launch an idea, grow their skills, build a community, find an audience and prosper – all though Videos, the new text in the digital Age. Its a sure shot to stardom that needs only your talent and of course an internet connection as live videos can be seen by #Fame viewers active at that time. One can easily interact with viewers (or followers/subscribers) through comments. With over 15,000+ unique Performers and more than 35,000 live sessions of programming, #fame has emerged as India’s No.1 live video entertainment app

And just recently, to stress on the importance and relevance of The Power of Live Video – Beam your Brand, #Fame moderated a live panel discussion in New Delhi on 30th August at Strikers Pub and Kitchen, Vasant Kunj and which was streamed live on where else? Yes on #Fame hosted by a fellow #famestar Ratnika Vyas. 

About the event

The session hosted by Ankit @ gadgetwala had three panelist – film critic Raja Sen, cricket columnist Ayaz Memon aka Cricketwallah, Pavleen Gujral one of #fame’s featured talents from Delhi and 50 Blog Mint representatives to participate in the event. 

The interactive event that lasted for four hours was all about how live videos are the next big platform to market any brand in the digital medium. The power of live video was represented by case studies like Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wedding reception, Bollywood events like trailer launches and Celebrity Live chats as well as 200 hours of live IIFA coverage. Sure these case studies definitely makes one wonder what power and effects live streaming has for brand promotion. After all, Mira Rajput is no lesser than any Bollywood wannabe today thanks to the wide coverage her marriage got. Also, discussed were #fame featured talents’ who enjoy a fan following of 10000+ on the app. 

#FameStars speak

The panelist discussed how #fame could play an important role to market anyone’s brand in the digital world. #famestar Pavleen who talks about Health and Wellness on the app daily said, “I am a nutritionist and people send me questions like if they can use one particular type of supplement or not. The interaction on the chat can be that personal or individual. And there are others who want to discuss their diet chart, in that case I share my email ids with them and connect further.”

Meanwhile, another #fame’s singing talent #famestar Abhiruchi was hosting her show Music on Demand on the app. Representatives had already downloaded the app to experience the live streaming there and then. And so,while the discussion was on, Abhiruchi took song requests simultaneously on her show from the people present on the event. The best part was when she sang one of her popular songs “Ud Chali” that was composed by #fame.
“For an artist it is all about joy of performing, when I was living in the hostel all the people on my floor would collect in my room and I would sing for them. After becoming a #famestar, now I just sit at home and people send me their requests. I don’t know who these people are and I sing random songs for them which I haven’t tried singing before. I have been getting offers to collaborate with other artists on the app itself,” she said when asked to share her experience on stage.

When it comes to marketing a brand, wider reach has a great impact and this is where #fame pitches in. So, if you are looking for making a mark in the huge noise called internet, you have to start and establish yourself at #Fame.


You can install the #fame app here:

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  1. I had never heard of this surely seems like a wonderful app! And showcasing talent in the big bad world of internet is the deal we all need 😀

  2. that seems to be a great app..

    I loved the moustache on the gentleman , reminds me of me two years ago 🙂 he he he