As we all know, Spring is the season that paves the way for everything to bloom. It is lavender, pink and peach everywhere this season. And on fashion and makeup, it remains the same. Floral skirts, tops, dresses, and a bronze makeup will do the good for the season.

By taking into consideration a few things, you can simply look ravishing this Spring. Check out these ways to look your best this Spring…

Go Floral!

Adapt to what the season demands. Choose floral dresses and other outfits that sync with the season. You can even go to mix and match. A floral crop top with printed leggings or even a jegging can make you look fabulous. You can shop these leggings online from Zivame. The store is also the ultimate destination for all your essential needs. Try floral collections on Zivame bras and other lingerie to go with the season.

Subtle Makeup

Makeup should not be heavy on you during Spring. This season demands a light powder. You can even prefer going for a full bronzer full on the body. Use BB Cream, blush, compact powder and also play with your eyes for looking beautiful with makeup. Shop branded makeup products online at low prices. Have a look at Shopclues for any makeup product or related accessories so that you get the right look. Use Shopclues Coupons to avail discount for the purchase made.

Eat Lightly

It is always good to have a light diet during this season. Prefer to eat more of fruits and vegetables. Have them raw rather than drinking their juices. Avoid high-calorie foods this time, as it might take more time for digestion. You can even carry fruits for the season including Strawberries, Oranges, Pear, or even sliced carrots when you are out.

Intake Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water makes your skin flawless, by removing all the impurities and toxic elements from your body inside out. It makes your skin look supple and fresh,

Moisturize Your Body

Moisturizing your body irrespective of the season is vital. You may try the essential oils, or even a body-cream. Apply it all over the body and pat it dry. It will make your skin look more glowing and young and helps in getting rid of patches and lines.

Right Accessories

Make sure that you carry off yourself with the right accessories. You can go for some bright shades for bags, clutches, etc., so that looks more funky and attractive. It will go in line with what you wear. Also, make a choice for your footwear as well. You can buy branded accessories to get your look rightly online. Trendin is an excellent choice for great accessories. Use Trendin Coupons while buying to avail more discounts.

No Chapped Lips

Be careful with your lips during this season. The winter is still not gone, and the summer is almost nearing, and the climate makes your lips go chapped. Nourish it with some good lip balm so that it stays beautiful and healthy.

Stay Away From Sun

Make sure that you keep away from the sun. It can tan your body and make it look dull and tired. And all your effort will go in vain. So, make sure you apply sunscreen prior stepping out.


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