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Owning a house is a dream for almost everyone. We all want our own space where we can gather all our materialistic belongings and build a lifestyle showcased through our home decor. Right from the primitive days man has sought a shelter for his own where he could settle down and enjoy days with his loved ones. And so we have archaeological findings of caves where humans have resided during prehistoric era and decorated the walls with their sketching skills. The longing for a well-maintained house has always been there in humankind. And the modern civilization has witnessed a wide variety of options when it comes to human nest. 

In India, here are the top 5 options you can think of when planning to have a residential property of your own:

1. Flats/Condos: The busy city life and growing population of migrants in the cities have given rise to the Apartment culture. You can opt for buying a flat in a basic apartment or in a project that provides luxury amenities. The best part of owning a flat is you get to live in a society where everyone works together as a friendly community. But rising prices of property in India compels one to invest early in a project, mostly during the pre-launch phase. Another point to consider here is to go for a builder who has the reputation of finishing the project in time and who cares for all legal paperwork to be completed.

2. Villas: If you have the budget than Villas can be the place of your dreams. Although, good property in a good location can make more than a hole in your pocket, yet Villas give you the down to the earth feeling, quite literally as you not only own the piece of land of land exclusively but are actually directly connected to it unlike flats where only ground floor has access to landscape!

3. Row Houses: Even if you don’t have enough budget for Villas, you can still remain connected to the ground on a lesser price by buying a row house. The difference in a Row House and a Villa is there is a wall sharing between two houses in a row. Rest everything can be exclusive including a garden area.

4. Country house: Away from city, in lush green farmlands in a scenic location. Yes, many people opt for country houses instead of buying a property in the noisy cities. If it is possible to commute to office from such far place or work from home is your kind of job, you would stay there permanently or you can use such house for a weekend getaway. You may also rent it out as home stays occasionally and earn some moolah from such a residence. 

5. Independent house: Buying a land and constructing a house takes lot of hard work but this can be your option if you do not want to be dependent on a third party to build the house of your dreams. You do everything here from scratch, starting from buying a piece of and getting a plan laid by a skilled architect. The issue with such residents is mostly in India, the development of localities having independent houses is very haphazard mostly with cases of land encroachments and commercial buildings coming up in between.

This is a comprehensive list of what type of home you can plan to own. Each person has his own liking but no matter what one selects, the prospect of staying with the loved ones under one roof makes any place worthy to be home!

After all, home is where the heart is.

So go ahead and hunt for your kind of space.

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  1. 5 is an all time favourite for me :).. But it is nice to see so many condos and villas coming up in India..