I claim myself to be a wandering soul. I love to travel – never stay in one place for very long, hopping from one experience to another. Yet as we grow in life, we sometimes tend to lose the very fabric of our soul – in my case it being the perennial desire to soar skies for endless times and limitless expanse.

Marriage, kid, job, family – you just do not realize how the routine sets in and how you start dancing to the rhythm of everyday grind. But somewhere deep in our hearts, that insatiable thirst for living life king-size keeps recurring. It becomes a never ending itch.

I am lucky that when this starts happening, I get a chance to twist things a bit and rejuvenate my life-parched soul. In other words – I plan a trip. And make it happen.

Kerala has always been my top destination in India. For some reason, Nature seems to have taken a liking to this place. The greenery here is breathtaking and never ending. I wish I could live here forever! That being an endeavor for some other day, this time we planned a trip to Kovalam. Kovalam is a beach town and in true Kerala style offers the grandeur of everything Kerala has to offer.

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We booked our flight via these Domestic Airlines and off we were set to fly away to Trivandrum – the capital city of Kerala. Kovalam is about 15-20 kms away.

We made a reservation at Taj Kovalam as our goal was spend time at leisure. Being with a toddler, city hopping becomes a tiring endeavor and we prefer to enjoy the quiet and calm of a good resort which offers more than just rooms. Our experience at Taj properties has always been good and it was a natural choice for us.

And we were right. We had a great stay in the resort. We enjoyed the expanse of breakfast and live performances. Our kiddo loved running around the property and playing in the jacuzzi pools near our cottage.

While lazing at our room we were checking literature and came to know that the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple – the richest place of worship in earth – is nearby. Since we had loads of time at our disposal, we decided to experience the opulence and divinity of the place and unravel the mystery behind it. As a detour from our regular holidaying, we decided to chuck air conditioned taxies and used an Auto Rickshaw for our commute. Our daughter simply loved the touch of air and her hair flowing in the wind. The gentle caressing of breeze enthralled our souls.

We visiting Kovalam beach as well and after a short day trip returned back to our hotel. We spent rest of day in the Jacuzzi playing with our daughter. After hours of soaking ourselves, we got tired and retired ourselves to our room for a quick seista.

Our dinner had the highlight of live musical performance. Soft soothing live music, good food and great conversations, awesome company of my family – I loved every bit of this vacation.

I would recommend you to try Kovalam as your next getaway. If you want to just relax in the lap of nature and enjoy the luxury of doing nothing – this is your place. In our usual vacations we end up tiring ourselves so much that we need another vacation for recovery. Our Kovalam trip was exactly opposite – we returned truly rejuvenated.

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  1. I read how much you enjoyed your trip here… good you spent time with family and nature at Kovalam. Please check out Conoor Hillwalker happening on August 21st… its 3 hr walk for 10 km at that beautiful trail and it fund raises for the tribal kids to go to school… here is the link… http://www.coonoorhillwalker.in/