About Us


We are Bhatnagars’, an Indian Family who loves to travel for fun and excitement. We don’t believe in travelling to get tired but instead, we travel to relax taking frequent breaks in between the mundane social and working life.

She is a homemaker, programmer and creatively writes at Soulful and he is a director at a software firm, dreamer and also writes at Pseudorandomthoughts. And together we have a cute but naughty daughter who loves to follow the adventures of Goldilocks. While she decides the destinations (mostly), he plans the trip, she does the packing, he does the bookings, and all through this the little one make sure that they can’t do any of these things peacefully by jumping and bouncing like a baby monkey!

Still, we have managed to be on a travelling spree as soon as our daughter turned 2. And to our delight, the little girl is enjoying the outings a lot.

So here we are travelling and sharing our stories with the world. Since no man is an island, Soulful Excursions aims to inspire families to travel together and rediscover their bonds. We endeavor to bring to you happy family travel stories from all over the world. Come and join us through our travel diaries as we explore, dream and discover the world.

After all,