Wow, I just loved that new ad by Kissan. It made me think what is it that makes me feel more connected with the world. It’s definitely not the virtual world. Virtual world fills me with loneliness if I spend hours on it without interacting with any one face to face. (Believe me, I have tried that in my IT job).
The best memories I have with my parents is all the time when we traveled together. Though we were a closely knitted family, yet, when we would make travel plans courtesy my father’s Bank job in which he would avail LTC once in every two years, we would feel more connected to each other. Probably, due to the fact, that traveling is fun and keeps you engaged. Or may be because traveling makes you discover different aspects about yourselves and your companions which otherwise you would have never known. So, I have memories of our trip to Mumbai-Goa, South India, Punjab, Rajasthan and yes, the best was Kashmir though I was just 4 (yeah, I still remember Kashmir from that long!) I remember fondly discovering my mother’s love for waterfall, my father’s penchant for adventure, my sister’s adoration for scenic locations and my brother’s perfectness in fixing itineraries. Yeah, all those memories make me love my family so much after my marriage.
So when an IT me got hitched to an IT guy, I made a point to tell him, this is what makes me most happy – travelling. For I believe in a life full of good memories. Jolly he, happily promised me that he will take me around the world. But only if he had understood the perils of being ‘connected’ in the digital world. Our whole days would pass sitting in front of electronic screens or checking our smart phones. He’s an internet addict and even after he is back from office, he would spend all his time surfing the net for various schemes or information. We would go on travel only when some friends would poke us and that too would be tiring due to the hush-hush travel arrangements. And then came our daughter! Holding her in my arms, I realized what memories am I going to pass on her – that mommy-daddy used to be busy with their gadgets all the time! I stomped my feet and declared – no more dragging lives, lets travel! Since that day, we are busy building our own memories for ourselves and of course, for our daughter. And believe us, each of our travel experience make us fall in love with each other and with life. 7 years of marriage and we feel as if we have found ourselves just recently. It fills us with immense joy when we see the smile on our daughter’s face as she enjoys the beauty of nature. The other important contribution of travel to our family is that we feel more connected to wildlife. Yes, all those real rendezvous with moving creatures and dense forest have filled our hearts with immense respect for our companions at Mother Earth. Had we been staying at just one place without taking traveling seriously, our daughter would have just a faint idea about the wildlife – may be just from textbooks or on TV. But now, she has been among them, touched them, looked at them in their eyes- we feel we can expect her to be more compassionate towards them.
The best part of travel is it brings the togetherness and the feeling that you belong to the world, to every place, to each person, nation or a race. We felt that joy of real connectivity while chatting with Sharon at Lunch in Kuala Lumpur, eating dinner with Jin at Langkawi, when Ari took us around the culturally rich Bali or when Danish showed us the beauty of Kovalam. Yes, we not only travel, we try to mingle with the people of the place. Meeting real people in the real world, enjoying their culture, sharing ours that’s what togetherness means to us. This is how human civilizations have developed to its present modern society. Men and Women are nomads by heart, explorers of the hidden secrets of nature. Travelers were there from the very beginning of time. So, if you want to feel the what togetherness actually means, ditch all your online assignments, pack your bags and just come out into the real world to discover the hidden secrets you and people around you carry in their hearts.