Our travel excursions have led us to firmly believe that this lifetime is certainly not enough to “cover” our beautiful world. The palate of this world offers so many varied tastes in so many myriad varieties that one can never possibly experience them all. And thus in our travels we have long ago forego the temptation to cover the expanse of our destinations.

Malaysia is no exception. It is a conglomeration of so many beautiful locales, tied within the little country. Travellers have two choices – either you need to stay over there for a considerable period like an year or more or you just go there again and again. Being parents to an active toddler, we chose the latter. Hence, we decided to open our Malaysia travel account with the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur is a busy city with towering high-rises, colonial architecture and lots of greenery. It is an amalgamation of culture, tradition and modernism in a fantastic package. With kids, the place where you stay become very important. We decided to stay at Hotel Istana in Bukit Bintang area (which is also the center of the city), since the major attractions as well as the bustling skyline are at City Center. So why to stay far and miss all the fun? The best thing about the area is that it is very stroller friendly. Unfortunately, we realized that only after reaching there and missed Pihu’s stroller every time we walked out of our hotel.

Travel tip for families: Don’t hesitate to pack that stroller for your kid, Malaysia is child friendly country and the attractions are accessible for strollers and prams.

Skywalk and Pavilion mall

First day, as we were tired by all the travel we decided to walk down to the Pavilion mall and enjoyed the evening in the peppy atmosphere followed by a delicious Italian dinner at an eating joint over there. This was our first introduction to the air-conditioned skywalk and we realized this is something that makes the whole KLCC very accessible and convenient especially to family with young kids. There are many shopping options available. From high end malls to small shops, the Bukit Bintang area can be rightly called as a shopping paradise.

Skywalk for pedestrians is convenient for families

Next day, after enjoying breakfast and high tea at Hotel Istana, we started for the Aquarium. Again since it is approachable through Skywalk we walked down.

The roads are well-built and fortunately, since it was festive time and public holiday, there was not much traffic at the signal just around the corner leading to the skywalk. We reached the convention center that housed Aquaria among other smaller attractions and found the place again very well-maintained and family oriented with Cafeterias and proper lifts and escalators. For my detail review of Aqua please read the post here.

Petronas Towers and Suriya Mall

As we exited the convention center we could see the iconic Petronas Twin Towers touching the skies. I can say that’s a beautifully designed marvel speaking volumes about human power. Built in 1998, the sleek structure stands at 88 storeys high and joined by a double-decker Sky Bridge that offers an exhilarating view of KL city centre and beyond.

Travel tip: Though it was late in the evening and we could not go inside yet for the benefit of readers I must inform that you’ll need a pass to enter the Petronas Tower Sky Bridge and since a limited number are issued each day, it is highly advisable to get there early in the morning.

We proceeded to Suria KLCC shopping mall set at the foot of Petronas Twin Towers, which hosts an array of international brands. Although we didn’t shop anything here but the place looks chic and ultra hip for shopping. Just a short walk away is KLCC Park, which is an expansive manmade park with a jogging track, walking paths, water fountains, and a wading pool for children.

KL Tower

Another attraction at KLCC is the KL tower or minara as called locally which again was at walking distance from our place of stay. Travelers can either gauge KL skyline from here or from skybridge of Petronas tower. We preferred KL tower as it’s open all day unlike the latter. We visited all these places leisurely in 3 days taking our own sweet time as we loved walking around this area. We would call off our day early as without a stroller it was more than enough for our kid and us. We could see Hop-On-Hop-Off bus every now and then but didn’t feel the need to take it and took it only when we went for KL bird park which was 10-15 minute ride from KLCC.

Food options

The other thing that we explored and loved about this area was the food. From classy restaurants offering sophisticated recipes to food courts or hawkers centers displaying cheap options, you get all kinds of variety here. We were glad to have received dining invitation from two of the best restaurants here. One lunch option at Urbana of Hotel Istana and another a dinner Cedar on 15 at Hotel Impiana (detail review here). Both served amazing food to our palates in a fine ambiance and that too when we are a vegetarian family. There are lot of such wonderful restaurants and fine dining places. We highly recommend having a family dinner at some rooftop restaurant that gives amazing view of the illuminated city for at least one night. You’ll never forget the experience.

As we left KLCC for the airport to continue our travel to Langkawi, we realized the beauty of the whole KLCC planning. One doesn’t need to take a cab service or any such public transport and yet, one can be assured of having seen the best of Kuala Lumpur!


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