Travel Tips

With all the fun and excitement during travel, comes some side effects too. Especially when you are traveling with family. Managing kids leave you with little time to take care of your own-self.

And many times when you come back from that refreshing vacation, you are shocked to find your own skin complaining and withering from the travel strains. It happens with me all the time since most of my vacation are to beaches or tropical area that gives me water bodies to enjoy but that also tan my skin. And I have no absolutely no, liking for the cosmetic stuff that promises to transform you magically from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. For if we can have lead in our processed food that can harm our internal biology than god knows what chemicals can be found in these self-proclaimed beauty enhancing products. That’s why I believe in our age old dadi ma ke nuskhe. The simplicity and effectiveness of natural home made remedies. And here I would share the top five tips that has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regimes. An Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of skin as opposed to a harmful cosmetic ones.

1. Skinned Masoor daal:
Yes, soak it overnight in curd or water, grind it the next day and apply on your skin. The granular paste will scrub your skin taking care of removing those black heads and softens the skin. I have been using this since, my graduation days and it is a 100% safe and sure method for a clear and radiant skin. Regular application will make your skin ever young without having age any effect to give you moles or pimples.

2. Curd and Gramflour:
Mix curd, Gramflour, with a pinch of turmeric powder and use this paste to cover your tanned skin and let it dry. Regular usage will remove all the tan revealing your natural beauty within. If you have an oily skin than make sure to add few drops of lemon to it.

3. Lemon and honey:
This one is my favorite as mixing lemon with honey removes blemishes or dark patches from the skin giving you that flawless complexion. Honey is very important here otherwise lemon has the tendency to make the skin go dry!

4. Cucumber, curd:
The paste formed by mixing ground cucumber and curd, also helps in removing the tan and softening the skin. It works as a very good facial care.

5. Powdered orange peel
Dry the orange “covers” in sun and grind to form the powder. Make a paste using curd or water and apply. This has the property to lighten the skin tone as well as the granules here also work as natural scrub giving that glow to your face.

These are some of the simple and easy regimes that you can include in your daily bath routine. And you can be free of all kind of skin worries. Beaches, deserts, Sun-tans will no longer scare you making you too soak in the happiness that comes by exploring all such natural surroundings. And yes, don’t forget to keep the tube of the only product I trust even in these times – Vicco Turmeric cream.
Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads and helps you to #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin.

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